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Don't Count Sheep, Try Organic Pillows For Better Sleep

Posted Jun 03 2008 3:04pm 2 Comments

Bedroom3Getting a good night's sleep is the perfect set up to arising with a good disposition and having a productive day. With our hectic lifestyles and demanding workload, we just cannot afford to lay awake, count sheep, and toss and turn throughout the night because we are unable to get comfortable.

Troubled sleep can be caused by a variety of things such as allergies, back problems, stiff joints, and insomnia. If you're not exactly getting to dreamland as your head hits the pillow, maybe the pillow itself is the cause of your problem. I recently upgraded from down pillows to organic wool pillows. I'm happy to report the wool pillows are causing me to sleep so much better now. I'm no longer tossing and turning throughout the night. No more counting sheep! I absolutely love them.

Like many people, I did not realize how much the types of materials used in bedding, pillows, andBedroom2 mattresses could impact the much-needed rest desired every night. I had no idea organic bedding items could be the solution to my problem.

Today I will share some ideas to minimize (or eliminate) your trouble in getting the recommended sleep each night, try switching from petroleum-based foam, feather, inorganic fiber pillows, and choose a healthy, organic alternative instead.

Typical Pillows

Store-bought pillows are typically filled with polyester or other synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, or down, feathers, and covered with conventionally grown cotton fabric or a cotton/poly blend. Synthetic fillings and polyester fabrics are manufactured from petrochemicals, which can give off toxic gas and sensitivity-causing fumes. Down/feather pillows harbor dust mites and cause allergic reactions in many people.

Hypoallergenic pillows have been on the market for almost a decade, and more people choose these alternative options to cotton in favor of better sleep. While allergy-free materials can help reduce the toxins and chemicals that could be interfering with your night of rest, some brands still aren't the best for sensitive skin or managing allergic reactions in the long term. Organic cotton, wool, and even silk offer some valuable options.

Organic Wool Pillows
If you're looking for a super-soft and plush feel, you can try a 100% pure wool pillow from RawganiqueRawganiquewoolpillows for support and a natural organic cotton construction. Pure wool pillows are a perfect choice for customers who require pure, chemical-free pillows and who are averse to cruelty to animal associated with down pillows.

Pure wool is legendary for its ability to perfectly regulate temperature, so that you'll never feel too hot or cold, making it suitable for year-round use just about anywhere. The carded wool in their pure wool pillows retains its loft better than organic cotton, which will pack down over time, providing a very firm support for those who prefer it. Their unique garneting technique maximizes the longevity of your new wool pillow and ensures that the fill remain even and smooth even after years of nightly use.

The best way to care for your organic wool pillows is to expose them to direct sunlight and air once a month. This allows any moisture contained within the fibers to evaporate and will fresh the bedding, bringing the "outdoor clean" scent inside your bedroom

These luxurious pillows are available in soft, medium, and firm support so you have a choice on the density of each. These pillows are designed to adjust to the climate, so moisture is kept at bay and the organic cotton stays soft and comfortable.

Organic Buckwheat Pillows
Organic buckwheat is another option when you're looking for something to get rid of that stiff neck. TheStandardbuckwheatpillow Chinese and Japanese discovered centuries ago that buckwheat hull pillows are light and fully adjustable. Eventually they decided that pillows made of buckwheat hulls provide just the right support for any sleeping position. When properly filled, the pillow molds itself around the head, neck, and shoulders. They'll change shapes to support your head and neck. They can be fluffed up to size in just a few minutes.

The hulls make a soft rustling sound. Most people get used to this within a day or two. Due to the structure of the hulls, air circulates, thus keeping the head cool to reduce perspiration. Buckwheat has natural aerating properties that make it much easier to breathe-as you doze off, your chances of reaching deep sleep are much higher.

Recommended buckwheat pillows should be filled with unfumigated organic hulls and covered with cases manufactured without chemical solvents.

A variety of organic buckwheat pillows are available including standard and kosher. All sizes are alsoAromatherapybuckwheatpillow_2 available.

Here's another great option: Organic Aromatherapy Buckwheat Pillow - 100% HAND CRAFTED
. Comes with a lavender sachet. (The leaves of the lavender plant are used to promote feelings of calm, peace and promote restful sleep.)

Rubber-fill Pillows
Rubber-fill pillows are another option, made with sustainable harvested rubber trees that are molded into small nuggets. All you need to do is cover it with an organic cotton pillowcase, and you'll be on your way to a (greener) side of la-la land. The entire pillow is machine washable, and the pillows are made with shredded rubber and you can find contoured body pillows if you need some extra support.

Organic and Healthy offers a line of Organic Rubber-fill Pillows that you can choose depending on your sleep style. Their Pure-Rest pillows are filled with natural latex or natural fibers and are free of toxic chemicals. The organic cotton covers are soft and easy to clean. The pillows are naturally resistant toImage00001 mites, mildew and water, and they feel great.

Are you a side-sleeper, back-sleeper or stomach-sleeper? Each sleep style has different support needs. They will help you determine which pillow best meets your sleep style.

Let me know which organic pillows you decide to try. I would love to hear your positive sleep report.

Sweet dreams

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This is super interesting...thanks for the info. I've always wondered if better pillows/linens facilitate better sleep, and for all the reasons you listed, it seems fairly obvious. I also like the idea of buying organic to reduce toxicity levels in your home.

You've made a great article here about the benefits of organic bedding!


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