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Do you use essential oils?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

I just read an article about a woman allevieating PMS by using aromatherapy. Have you ever tried using them for anything like this?
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Lavender calms. I don't use a lot of aromatherapy oils to deal with my PMS, but I have found some relief from the stress and aches with lavender scented neck and back pillows that can be warmed up to provide pain relief. They say lavender is great for peace of mind, and I agree.
Clove oil. I have also not used esentialoils for PMS, but I do use clove oil for a toothache. I take a couple of drops and rub it on the tooth/teeth which aches, and it doe sreleive the pain. I would liek to add that essentilaoils are extremely concentarted, so it is important to use them in the right qusantity.
I Use Tea Tree for Pimples. That's sort of like for PMS... I don't know if there is something specific for PMS, but maybe the lavender just because it makes you sort of calm....
Not for PMS.... But I find that essential oils and aromatherapy are just generally wonderful as far as affecting your mood goes. My current favorite essential oil is ginger root, but I think that's a seasonal thing--it's invigorating and makes me forget we're fast approaching darker, drearier months... I also love the "peppy" properties of peppermint, and rosemary, to me, is just as soothing as lavender. I've noticed a lot of nail salons I've been to lately are doing the warm lavender neck pillow and I imagine that if you're experiencing cramps, it could also be a nifty device for your belly.
Yes, I have used them for years. Essential oils, when you buy them from a reputable source, are strong, helpful medicines. Real essential oils are so strong they can burn your skin or make you feel like you are choking if they get in your mouth or nose. You can get a red mark on your flesh from some of them, so the notion that you can just throw clove oil on your tooth should be tried with a small dose mixed with olive oil to see what your personal tolerance level is for cloves. Remember, turpentine is an essential oil! Would you put that on your pillow? The cheaper brands of oils are not as strong, as they are already mixed down with other oils to dilute them. Sometimes this is fine,often it means that in a couple of months you will have rancid oil in your cabinet. As for why I use them, I use them primarily in my bath to relieve stress, and I use lavendar, rose geranium, basil, ginger, fennel, almond, clove, cinnamon, cive, pine balm, patchuoli, cardamom,etc. Clove burns my skin if I use too much, but it is invigorating, likewise wintergreen or peppermint(burns me, too). In the morning I use those, in the evening or for sore muscles I use lavendar, Siberian Fir needle, rose, or sandalwood. Sandalwood has gone over the top expensive lately, I think the forests have been destroyed. As PMS seems to be an anxiety based problem, I think the aroma therapy of these oils, combined with getting in a bath and rinsing away toxins as well as rehydrating your flesh is a great way to treat PMS. If you don't have a bath, a shower and then rubbing one of the smells you like on yourself mixed with a really low-odor oil like coconut or almond oil is jsut as enjoyable. Peace, Julie
I have in the past. There used to be a store in my neighborhood called Touch the Earth. I was able to walk there and it was like a mini therapy session just to walk in. They would prepare custom essential oils in a base oil, a base lotion or base cleansing gel. Rose is used to alleviate depression, clary sage was part of acne treatments. Rose geranium was an economical oil that helped a bunch of problems.
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