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Do you believe this?

Posted by happyman

It is about magnetic rings, you wear them while sleepeng on your fingers. Guy that created this Alex Chiu is really weard (he claims that he invented immortality), but it seems that his stuff works. (it was even mentioned in Kevin Thrudeau s book)
What do you think about this? Is this worth trying?


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I dont wear the magnetic rings but I do wear magnetic bracelets...all the time. I notice a big difference when I am not wearing them. My body aches more and I don't sleep as well without them. This is the info that came with the bracelets. I wear one on each arm. I only take them off when I shower.I love them and gave them out for Christmas this past year because they helped so much!


What Is Magnetic Therapy


Science has discovered that a magnetic field over and around a point of pain increases blood flow in the affected area.This increased blood flow carries with it greater quantities of oxygen, vital nutrients, and especially endorphins which relieve and soon remove and alleviate the pain.

Magnet therapy is a natural treatment for wide variety of ailments in both humans and animals. Small high strength healing rare earth magnets are placed on the body as close as possible to, or directly onto the point of pain.


The magnetic field created (by wearing magnetic bracelets or magnetic necklace) penetrates deep into the muscle and tissue surrounding an injury and reduces pain by neutralizing the inflammation and swelling in the area for most types of joint, inflammatory and muscular conditions.


"The human body is made up of billions of cells, which form organs and tissue, each of which are characterized by a certain frequency, known as its “resonant frequency.” When pain develops in the body, it is believed that it is caused by static energy. Therefore, the natural electromagnetic energy flow of the body is being impaired and the ions in the cells become out of balance.


MagneTherapy jewelry uses electromagnetic fields to help your body maintain equilibrium and functions at an optimal level. Research shows magnetic bioelectric therapy helps reduce pain in joints and muscles, increases circulation, stimulates metabolism and promotes well being.
Some people have felt the therapeutic effects of the MagneTherapy bracelet within a few moments of putting it on and others may notice its effects within a few days or weeks. The bracelet is designed for wearing on the either arm, wrist, elbow, biceps, triceps or forearm. The bracelet may be worn 24 hours a day. If after a few days, the wearer does not feel a noticeable therapeutic effect, the wearer can try wearing two bracelets in the same area."



You know what, I actually tried them. I have RSD and many other problems and I try just about any non-medicine thing  that comes around.

I can tell you from my personal experience, I didn't see any difference. 

And years ago I used some from someone else and I wore them about 6 months. Again, nothing.

So, for me they don't seem to work. On the other hand, they won't harm you either. So if you want to try them, I say go ahead. There not medicine, pills or anything just rings on your finger.

FYI: I don't think he created

If you try them, let me know if they worked for you.



Health Maven


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