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Detox Your Life! 10 Minutes at a Time

Posted Jun 30 2009 4:06pm


Detox, as a term, is usually used for the body, like alcohol, drugs, toxins, health and wellness. But, your “stuff and things” can be just as “toxic” – dragging you down, making you feel depressed, apathetic, bad about yourself and, well, sick.

It’s easy to think that we don’t have time to declutter and organize a pile or two, or that a few minutes won’t make a difference. But, if we don’t start and do something, the “toxins” just get worse, right? 

Example: While I was putting laundry into my clothes washer minutes ago I noticed that the molded impressions on the door to the laundry room were dusty. I got the washer started, picked up a dishtowel out of the laundry basket, dipped the corner of it into the washer water and went to every door in my apartment and wiped off the decorative impressions that have been catching dust. This took about 3 minutes! A TO DO, TO DONE! I feel much better!

How about your clutter and messes, overflow and piles?

Create a “Detox Plan” to get the “too much, don’t really need and excess” out of your life so that you can focus on what’s important, what brings you joy and what makes you happy.


1. Choose the room, space, closet or pile that is upsetting to you, making you frustrated and unhappy.

2. Go into it, look into it, look at it and feel the feelings it brings up.

3. Now, walk out or away from it.

4. Shut the door behind you if you can, or turn your back to it.

5. Take a big cleansing breath and shake it all off.

6. Now, act as if you’re a visitor, a stranger to this house and space.

7. Open the door or turn around and look at this area again, but this time with emotional detachment. View it as an “observer or witness.” Just softly gaze and look at all that is there with no reaction.

8. Now, without emotion, just sense what does not belong there. If “this and that” were not there, how would it look? Do you know where a pile goes? Where does “this or that” belong if not here?

9. Time to do the doing. Take just 10 minutes and move stuff. Move the “this and that” out of the space. Put into a donate box or back into a room, space, container, compartment or system where it belongs.

Make small, doable decisions on what you can in just 10 minutes.

10. Are you missing a system in which to store your “it” — like a bookshelf, cupboard and box? Then, take a notebook, measure the space you need for the system, write it down and plan to take care of it.

11. Do another 10 minutes. Etc., etc.

12. Now, put emotions back in. How does it feel to get movement going? How does it feel to see the floor, the shelf or wall empty?

Use small time blocks and chunks to detox the unhealthy emotions you have about your environment, while doing the doing of cleaning it up at the same time. All good!

Let me know how it goes!

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