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DeClutter Your Wardrobe For A Simpler, Happy You!

Posted Nov 05 2011 2:00am


Take advantage of this transition time - the beginning and end of seasons – for your wardrobe.

Schedule an hour or more to declutter your wardrobe, especially if you need to move clothes from room to room and try them on. Have appropriate undergarments on, fresh makeup, clean hair and all of your shoe options. Why? Because if you try clothes on you want to see yourself in the mirror “as if” you were going to go out wearing those clothes. You want to really see how they look on you for real! 

Use your bed to layer clothes from the closet and drawers one pile at a time.


If you don’t have containers in which to put your sorted decisions you’re going to be no further along than you were before you start. Here are eight helpful sorting containers.

1. KEEP – Plastic, lidded bin:  Unless the keepers are going right back onto the hanging rod, whatever you’re keeping that may be for next season or different sizes (you may be losing weight and don’t need to buy more clothes in another 5-10 lbs, you already own them!), use bug, rodant and dust proof plastic bins*. LABEL the bins accordingly so that you don’t waste time in the future opening them to remember what’s in them.

   *If you know you might have a couple of bins worth of keepers, buy like plastic bins all at one time, keeping the receipt for returns. This helps with stacking them. If they are all alike they will stack perfectly, if they are different brands and styles, they can rock and crack lids, etc.

2. TRASH CAN:  This is for clothing that is soiled or torn, buttons or other adornments missing or so worn that truly no one else would ever wear it! (See #5)

3. FIX IT – Alterations, Mending, Repair: Buttons missing, hems needing stitching, etc. need a place to call “HOME” until you’re ready to do the job or you take them to your tailor.

4. SELL:  Consignment store, Ebay, Craigslist… there are numerous choices for selling pieces that are in good condition.

5.  DONATION* THRIFT/CHARITIES Boxes (cardboard boxes or trash bags):  Mark DONATION on the box so that it’s easy to remember which container is for what. Cardboard boxes or trash bags are best as you will not be getting them back. In order not to have to deal with a crunchy, mushy trash bag use a box first, then when it’s full put all those clothes into a trash bag, move that bag out of the room (mark it with a tag or tape a labeled piece of paper to it so that you know what it is), then start to refill the same box again.

   *Donation Tip: What to give to thrift or charities? Unless the clothing is so soiled, ripped or really worn out, give it to donation. Let them decide. Some charities sort through clothing and send to missions across the world where they are happy to take clothes with some imperfections just to have clothes. So, don’t assume anything, just put it in the donation box.

    DONATE for others wardrobe job hunting success. Read article here.

6. GIVE AWAY to friends: You might have a friend or family member who can wear them. Put their name on a container and have them come over and go through them, or ship them.

    GIVE AWAY to strangers: FreeCycle.Org   is a fun way to give and get what you’re looking for in your local community.

7. SHWAPPING PARTY! : When you put SHOPPING and SWAPPING together, you get SHWAPPING! Plan ahead with friends and their friends to get together a one house, bring all the clothes each of you have culled out of your wardrobes and then shop and swap! A nice way to enjoy others, deepen social connections and get new clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and more… for free!

8. GARAGE SALE: If you’ve had a garage sale, you know that you have to really have the time and enough “stuff” to make it worthwhile, and “stuff” that can actually be sold. Clothing is not a big seller at most garage sales, so I don’t highly recommend this.

After sorting into the above containers and moving them out of your room, you will be left with the clothes that you love, that love you back, that fit and that are lovely.


Now, reorganize your sorted “keeps” into drawers and closets in a way that you easily get to them and use them this season. 


While looking at your newly decluttered and refreshed wardrobe, you may find that you are missing important pieces to go with slacks, tops, skirts, etc. Take notes of what you need to make “outfits” work for you. Making this list now helps you to watch for clearances, sales and other shopping deals where you can complete your wardrobe but not pay top dollar and not go another year not wearing one piece because you didn’t have the complimentary pieces.

Have fun with your happy new closet and wardrobe!!


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