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Declutter Your Inner Clutter with Laughter – It’s the Best Medicine

Posted Oct 04 2012 2:00am


What makes you laugh? Sometimes it’s the oddest thing–a joke, something you see, a child having fun. What brightens your day? I like quirky things, hence, the joke above!

Laughter is SO important. Have you ever noticed that when you’re laughing you forget about all the things that otherwise make you angry, stress you out  or even make your body feel its aches and pains?


What is funny to one person may not be to another, but laughter is our best medicine especially when what tickles us is light and easy and does no harm to self or others. I.e., no poking jokes at or ridiculing and shaming others. That’s just not okay.


Laughter has been called “inner jogging” for all good reasons. It jogs your muscles and cells and organs all around. Especially a big belly laugh, the kind that makes you start choking it’s so funny!

This picture almost got me coughing I was laughing so hard.

Laughter can help you stay well, mentally, emotionally and physically. We don’t laugh enough. Kids have us beat hands down in that department. Kids just laugh… just to laugh! As we grow older we lose that. We need to get it back.

Laughter. Don’t spend another hour without a chuckle, giggle, eye-roll or smirk that signifies that for even one suspended moment you were not thinking, fretting, worrying, controlling, or stressing over something. You were floating in the ether’s of humor — good for the soul, mind and body.

  • Read the cartoon section of the paper everyday.
  • Play with your pets, children or someone else’s.
  • Watch a comedy movie, TV show or go to a comedy club.
  • Be around people who are fun and funny and bring you joy.
  • Read Gary Larson and Calvin and Hobbs books!
  • Join Facebook and LIKE happy, funny people like Star Trek celebrity, George Takei. What a Hoot!
  • Be around friends more often who are fun and see life lightly.
  • Call friends on the phone who you can laugh with easily.


Shift your perspective of life every moment for the lighter side. See life as funny, no matter what is happening.

Look for funny signs and life happening in the moment.

Be a kid again.

Laugh until it hurts!

Your insides, muscles, blood flow, oxygen intake and outgo and everything else in there are leaping and jumping up and down, giving your a “splitting” side ache, sore jaw or tear running down your face . . . in a good way.

Laughter. It’s a good thing.


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