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De-stress at the office

Posted by Heather J.

Most offices don’t offer on-site massages or time for meditation, but they do offer plenty of stressful situations. As a health- and fitness-conscious person, why not follow the advice of Kristen Glosserman, an executive and lifestyle coach and former nationally ranked gymnast, for ways to stay centered in the workplace.

1. Map Your Route: Each night, jot down how you’ll begin your workday, what its focus will be, and one thing you commit to accomplishing.

2. Set the Stopwatch: Pick a target time to finish a project and race against the clock—avoid “empty minutes” like you would empty calories.

3. Run Intervals: Focus intently on the task at hand first, then take a short break, like a walk. Breaking during the task can lead you to believe it takes longer than it actually does.

4. Cross-Train: Take a new route to work, rearrange your office or try on a new role or responsibility. Mix up you work routine!

5. Breathe.

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