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Darkness and Silence Make for Better Sleep

Posted Oct 30 2007 12:17pm 1 Comment
Lately, I've been suffering from insomnia, which is pretty unusual for me. For days, there was little I could do about it--I tried the warm milk method, valerian tea, reading a book to get me sleepy--but my sleep was constantly disturbed throughout the nights. Then I wondered what it would be like if I got ear plugs and heavier curtains to block out the city light. I'd read that light pollution may be responsible for interrupting people's sleep patterns, and that for most of human history, people were able to sleep in complete darkness and didn't have the sleeping disorders many report today. Well, my friends, I am happy to report that both darkness and silence have been effective sleeping aids. I noticed the difference right away, actually, and had it not been for my trusty cell phone alarm, which I kept conveniently under my pillow, I may never have woken up!
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They say that you should turn the alarm clock around, to not face you... the glowing light and the crazy hours on it induce panic. I have a sleep mask like Holly Golightly had in Breakfast at Tiffany's. But mine says, "Night Y'all!". People love it at sleepovers. You might also want to get some super premium linens and comforters. Also, check for feather beds!
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