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Daily Nap Keeps You Healthy

Posted by Lela D.

Taking time to rest is not lazy. It is the responsible thing we all should do to maintain our personal immune systems. In other words, we need our rest in order to be healthy. You can work out all you want, eat fresh nutrient rich food, and fill up on supplements, but stress in your body will rob it of the health you are working so hard for. Relaxing your mind and body (including getting good sleep) is even more important when you are trying to recover from a chronic illness. Try a power nap. Lie down for 20 minutes. Try to even out your breathing, and as you do, think about your breaths. Literally thinking the words IN and OUT will help to focus your mind on the breath and at the same time help to release the thoughts that crop up when you deliberately try to think of nothing. Let thoughts come and go without trying to control them, but keep coming back to IN and OUT. At the same time, scan your body for tension. Some people like to contract various muscles and then release them. So here you are breathing, thinking of not much in particular, concentrating on IN and OUT, and then with your eyes still closed you can mentally look at the spot in the middle of your forehead. It's okay to fall asleep. When you do, you?ll be fully relaxed and therefore get a surprising amount of rest out of just ten or fifteen minutes of actual sleep! Try it today. You?ll not only feel better, you?ll be improving your immune system.
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