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Create Your Own Organizer

Posted by Stephanie B.

The Hipster PDA is a do-it-yourself organizer that involves 3x5" index cards and any sort of pageholder you want to use. (This could be a binder clip, a hair band, or a carabiner!) The Hipster PDA hit the blogosphere a few years ago and has spawned a whole series of articles and websites that offer tips, templates, and how-tos.

The benefits of the Hipster PDA are numerous:

1. It's cheap (index cards are exceptionally inexpensive).

2. You don't have to worry about your PDA crashing or losing battery power.

3. It is more portable than a regular paper planner.

For simple instructions on how to create a Hipster PDA, please see:

How to Create a Hipster PDA, the Ultimate Low-Tech Organizing Solution

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I'm an old-fashioned, pen and paper sort of gal, and one of the only people I know who doesn't have a PDA. But I'm also sick of carrying around clunky date planners, so I love the idea of something that's smaller and more portable. Thanks for the advice!
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