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Cooking to destress

Posted by Swati S.

Cooking is supposed to be therapeutic, and it helps to let go of all the piled up stress. If you are looking for ways to destress and you want to eat healthy, then see if you want to put the two things together. If you are not too much into cooking, try to start with something basic and simple. Make a healthy but tasty dish that you know you will enjoy eating, or somebody around you would enjoy. You could even whip up something that is not out of a recipe book, but is your own creation. Try to experiment and see where it takes you. To stay motivated, think of all the calories you are avoiding by not eating out -- not to mention the money you are saving. Cooking your meals makes you get more involved with the food, which helps to get you more conscious of what you eat. I find that cooking at home also brings the family together, over a warm meal on the table. Overall, it makes for a healthy lifestyle and a good way to let down your hair.
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