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Color Therapy in Your Home

Posted by Tracii H.

Colors can have subtle but powerful effects on our moods, say researchers. When decorating or redecorating your home, here are a few things to keep in mind about the effects of different colors you use... Red--red is the color of passion and strong emotions. Since it is known for its anger-inducing effects (people "see red" when they're mad), it should be used sparingly as an accent. Blue--blue is a sedating color and works well in bedrooms or the den. Different shades of blue have different qualities: sky blue is a mood-enhancer, whereas darker blues are more sedating. Yellow--yellow is cleansing and rejuvenating and can be used in kitchens or livingrooms. Green--green is known for its antidepressant qualities. Use it widely throughout your home. Orange--orange is energizing and goes great in kitchens or locations other than bedrooms. Pink--pink is comforting and somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Use it in rooms like the bedroom, bathroom, or in extra rooms where guests may stay, as it puts the mind at ease. Purple--purple sparks creativity. Use it in offices and other places where creative work is done.
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