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Colonics for Stress and Health Problems at Body Harmony

Posted by Nirmala N.

Detox detractors may well pooh-pooh the concept of purging the pipes, but Body Harmony in San Francisco is more than game for the challenge of wringing out toxins the old-fashioned way. Health buffs who are into colonics swear by them. Colon hydrotherapy ain't for the faint of stomach, though. Water is filtered into the lower intestinal tract, assisting in the evacuation of waste, which apparently leads to a happier colon and attendant numerous benefits. Aside from its mega-draining action, getting a colonic also means better digestion and lymphatic function. Body Harmony offers three cleansing programs ranging in intensity. The caveats? Well, as long as you're comfortable doing number two in front of your specialist, there are none. But while adherents swear by colon hydrotherapy and the friendly staff at Body Harmony, the jury is still out on the science of it. For more info, visit
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People who get colonics may swear by them, but everyone should know there are no demonstrated or tangible benefits, and there are risks. The claims that you will get better digestion or better lymphatic function from having colonics has no foundation in fact.

Put another way, our digestive tract has evolved so that it can keep itself clean, and eliminate wastes in a very natural way. If you are not happy with how your bowels are working, you are more likely to find a solution by modifying your diet (typically, adding more fiber to your diet will help).

Regarding colonic therapy, buyer beware.
Yeah, I myself probably would never in a million years turn to colonic therapy, but my little piece is based on the testimonies of three people I know who swear by this place. Like I said, the jury's still out on the science of it, but I know one woman who swears that getting regular colonics has cleared her skin (she used to suffer from adult acne)--then again, I don't know what the larger health ramifications are, but I do know that colonics can endanger you by depleting your body of necessary, healthy bacteria. That's enough for me to stay away, but I'm also interested in how popular Body Harmony has become among a gaggle of adherents.
I think many of the fears about colonics expressed by the "Established Medical Community" may be based on some lack of knowledge and perhaps a bit of the "no one can do health care but a doctor” philosophy…

I have been using colonics from a spa in Atlanta on a semi-regular basis for several years now. I fly frequently and find that in spite of drinking bottled water regularly while traveling I become somewhat dehydrated and constipated. For me colonics have been the quick remedy for that. doctor told me that they were dangerous…hmmm…then somebody better tell the major manufactures of enemas that too…ya’ think?

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