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Colonic Cleanses--Safe or Not?

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you’re considering a colonic cleanse to help flush out your body’s toxins, you may want to consult with your doctor first. At press time, there’s no scientific evidence that colonics are actually beneficial for your digestive system, although colonic lovers insist they make them feel healthier. Despite what the benefits may be, even if anecdotal, colonics definitely pose risks, especially if they aren’t administered safely. If the rectal tube is incorrectly placed, it can tear the rectal lining and necessitate surgery. Also, while colonics are generally performed with water or saline solutions, other people use a variety of liquids, such as coffee, which could be toxic to the colon, causing inflammation or even bleeding. Also, even water, when it’s administered in huge amounts, can be problematic and lead to water intoxication—a condition that occurs if too much water is absorbed through the colon, and that also upsets the body’s balance of salts and minerals.
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That is a terrible thought, that someone would use an acidic substance for a colonic. Coffee has acid, people. Ouch. Yeah, I too have been curious about the safety behind colon cleansing. Because I feel that fiber really does a nice job of doing what needs to be done. And there are so many things lying dormant in your body - I understand that releasing them is good - but what if you're actually releasing them and they don't leave? They just run free? I don't know. Just my thoughts... anyone else have any on this?
I agree that colonic cleansing through hydrotherapy can be risky. Some of my friends have reported painful cramps after the procedure. Besides it clears all the good bacteria along with the bad. The body needs the good bacteria. Did you know that good bacteria (probiotics) acts on fiber (prebiotics) in the colon and produces nutrients that are necessary for the liver to regulate the body’s cholesterol and glucose levels? Herbal colon cleansing seems to be a safer and healthier approach. Fiber, probiotics and herbs help to tone the digestive system and support colonic health. The herbs help to relieve gas and bloating. They also support the functions of eliminatory organs like the liver and kidneys. I prefer colon cleanse program like BeneCleanse which are scientifically supported and physician-formulated so that I know it’s safe and works well.
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