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Posted Nov 25 2009 10:00pm

Are you going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving today?

Yes. The answer is “yes!”

No matter what you have planned, what actually happens, what doesn’t happen and what you wish had happened… you can be happy anyway! How? CHOOSE.

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at

but rather a manner of traveling.”

~ Samuel Johnson

No matter what’s happening at any moment, no matter what plans you have or had and what ends up happening, each one of us can CHOOSE our thoughts and ultimately the path of our emotions. You can CHOOSE to be at peace, happy, grateful, joyful even excited and ecstatic… if you want to!

In choosing happiness, gratitude, hope and love in the face of chaos, frustrations, uncertainty, loss, sadness, grief and even tragedy, we discover that as holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl says, “…the last of all human freedoms is the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances — to choose one’s own way”.

Many blissings for a wonderful holiday week. CHOOSE to be grateful, thankful and happy this Thanksgiving.

Exercise for Gratitude
Before your big Thanksgiving meal, take a moment and write a list of all of the good you experience in your life. From your freedom, to being able to drive, to the ability to buy pretty much what you want and need 24/7, to your health, family and friends, job and interests, being able to follow your interests and creativity, to sunshine and Autumn weather…. don’t stop, keep writing. Write for 10 minutes non-stop. The time will go by in a blink and hopefully you’ll find many more items to add to your list and sit even longer.

Now — take this list to your Thanksgiving table and share a few items. Ask others to do it too and see how much you all have to be thankful for. These lists can spark great conversations and sharing too.

Don’t let another opportunity go by with an unmindful “Grace. Let’s eat and football’s on…” kind of Thanksgiving. STOP, BE QUIET and CHOOSE to be grateful. Really “feel” grateful.

I’m grateful that I can type, that there is Internet and Blogs, that I have a peaceful home, that I have work I enjoy, that I have a gzillion wonderful friends, that my family loves me, that I’ve lost 20 lbs.! and so much more! Make this list ongoing and remember to stop, be quiet and choose to be and grateful everyday.

Happy Grateful Thanksgiving of Choice,


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