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Changing Direction: How To Reclaim Control Over Your Mind and Body

Posted Apr 23 2013 4:06pm

CTR listen now button Big news! We’re expanding the radio show and giving it a new name. YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA radio is now titled, CHANGING DIRECTION. Don’t worry, we’re still covering everything you need to know about how to move forward in your life after trauma. In addition, we’ll be broadening the content to address more topics about rebuilding your life and changing direction from trauma to triumph. For more details tune in at our usual time on Wednesday, 2pm EST/11am PST.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is difficult, even for those who don’t experience trauma. For those that do, the focus can turn from healthy living to finding a way to simply live. But, for those of us who have experienced trauma in any of its many forms, we don’t just simply want to live; we want to choose a direction that creates positive change in our lives. Although who we have become may be very different than who we used to be, our new self can be even more positive, more productive, and more proactive than our former self. The problem is how do we find a direction that works for us as individuals so that we can move forward and discover that new self?

My guests this week will be discussing just that; how we can find a path to reclaiming control over our minds and bodies instead of trauma controlling us.  This week on Changing Direction I will be chatting with Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD and Dr. Ray DiBartolomeo. My first guest, Dr. Hill has focused his studies on what the brain pays attention to and how to modulate that focus.  My second guest is the chiropractor at the prestigious Biggest Loser Resort, Malibu. Dr. Ray will be discussing triggers, tension, and stress and how to release them so that body wellness integrates with the mental healing process.   To learn more about the show and see our guests, click here.

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