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Can stress or anxiety cause chest pain

Posted by JDragun2

I was admitted to the er twice for chest pain. Both times the bloodwork came back normal and EKG were normal as well. I am very anxious as of late.

The pain is not severe, and sometimes feels like it is my skin or hair on my chest, sometimes it feels like it is just below the skin surface. It does not feel deeply internal ever. It also moves around from side to side or on the sternum. It happens for short spurts a lot, but goes away once I lay down and relax for awhile. Is this a normal reaction to stress and anxiety attacks?

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Anxiety is sometimes very difficult to detect as you discover after going to ER because both times your blood work and EKG were normal.


Notice the pain is not severe. The pain is just a gentle message for you to stop and lay down. This is very profound info but most people are too busy being busy to listen to the message of their body.


Now if you do not listen then the pain over time will become more severe.


You can take medication to mask how you feel or as you discovered your body told you what to do.


 Stop and relax.


Hope this helps.




One of the most common patient presentations in Emergency Rooms is suspected heart attack that ends up being an anxiety attack. 

You are not alone. Learning some stress reduction skills and utilizing tools like biofeedback, meditation, yoga, and controlled breathing would be beneficial.


Good Luck!

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