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Can stress cause enlargement of the thyroid?

Posted by marilynann

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The short answer is yes, but it's more complicated.  The simplistic answer is: The thyroid and adrenals are always "talking" to each other via hormones.  Adrenals produce stress hormones like "adrenalin".  The thyroid will slow down with sustained stress.  Even so, the thyroid will get bigger trying to grab any molecules of iodine.  So, it's a combination of stress, and lack of iodine.  My mom grew up in Wisconsin - they call MN, WI, and MI the goiter belt.  When mom was little, they handed out iodine pills to all the kids one day a week to prevent goiters.  People think that iodized salt will protect them, but nobody eats salt anymore, so it's just not working.  Anyway, the iodine in salt is only about 20% bioavailable. Until about the 1970's they used to put iodine in bread, but now they put bromide in it.  Bromide, Fluoride, and Chloride block iodine cell receptors so what little iodine you get can't be absorbed easily.

Check out the web site: and books by Dr David Brownstein: "Iodine, why we need it and can't live without it" and "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders".  Also check out a BioAlgae product called BioSuperfood at 

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