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Breastfeed and lose weight

Posted by S J.

Contrary to popular belief, a woman who breastfeeds regains her figure faster compared to a woman who does not. This is because a breastfeeding mother utilizes the fat that is accumulated during pregnancy for the production of breast milk.

Also, as the baby suckles, the mother’s system generates hormones that make her enlarged uterus contract. Also moolbandh (a bandha in yoga) helps in contraction of the uterus, cures piles and heals wounds if any. For healing wounds the bandha has to be done by submerging the lower part of the body (below abdomen) in warm water to which triphala churna (an ayurvedic preparation) has been added.
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Yes, breastfeeding does the body good. Does the baby good too. Pregnant women should really look into the aspect of breatfeeding their baby. The benefits are endless. Just take a look at this web site the list is amazing and what mother wouldn't want to breastfeed.
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