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Borders Bookstore in Trouble? Organize Around the Things You Enjoy, Before They’re Gone!

Posted Feb 11 2011 1:00am


Borders Bookstore could close? Barnes & Noble close behind?

That’s blasphemy!

It was a big article in the paper recently.  Why this downturn?

Ebooks and electronic reading devices are taking their toll on our beloved book stores. A $550-million line a credit to keep Borders afloat may not be enough if we don’t buy more books at our local stores.

I’m a “real book” person. I have to flip pages, pick them up, stack them up, pile them around, dust them off, write and draw in them, highlight and dog ear them. That’s how my brain works best to remember information. I’m tactile and visual. I have to touch the page and feeeeel it. I’ve been told that I can highlight on an e-reading device. Sorry, it’s just not the same.

Captain Jean Luk-Picard always had a few “classic” real books from “the past” in his quarters. The rest? Paperless, e-reading all the way.

I’m not there yet. Don’t know that I’ll ever be.

I’ve offered lots of presentations at my local Borders too. What else can we do there!

If you want to see your favorite bookstores with real books in them survive and thrive… organize your time and money around buying your next books at the store instead of online or electronic always. Spend time browsing and being around other real book lovers and meanderers like me!

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