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Best Ways to Ease Anxiety Disorders?...Meditation vs. Relaxation?

Posted by Kevin L.

Meditation vs. Relaxation?In a study , researchers reviewed research on meditation and other types of relaxation techniques. Only two studies that compared meditation to other relaxation techniques met the researchers' requirements for review.??The first compared transcendental meditation to relaxation therapy and EMG (electromyography) biofeedback.??Transcendental meditation involves focusing the mind on an object until the mind achieves stillness. EMG biofeedback measures muscle relaxation and teaches people to control their own level of muscle relaxation.??The second study compared mindfulness meditation, which encourages awareness of one's thoughts while maintaining detachment, to Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga includes a meditative form of breathing known as pranayama. ---?Researchers say both studies showed that meditation was comparable to other forms of relaxation therapy in reducing anxiety overall. But the small number of people involved in the studies makes it difficult to draw any firm conclusions about the effectiveness of meditation in the treatment of anxiety disorders.??In particular, the results showed:??All relaxation and meditation techniques resulted in improved scores on measures of anxiety, current mood, and symptoms of distress, but sleep disturbances did not improve. ?Work, social functioning, and family relations also improved among all treatment groups, but marital relations and sex life were not affected. ?Kundalini yoga wasn't as effective in treating obsessive-compulsive disorders as mindful meditation, although participants who practiced this form of yoga had more improvement on scores of perceived stress and purpose in life.
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TM for OCD?. Hi Kevin, I found this post interesting because I have a teen with OCD and I'm looking for ways to help him reduce his symptoms in a more natural way than meds and in conjunction with therapy. What information do you have that TM is helpful for OCD? I'be be curious
Which relaxation techniques?. Which relaxation techniques was meditation compared to? I suffer from anxiety, and I am looking for ways to deal with it naturally.

As a practicing yogi, I find this article quite vague. Saying " Kundalini yoga includes a meditative form of breathing known as pranayama" is akin to saying "Walking is a form of exercise that requires balance." Well....yeah....but there's a whole lot more to it!

Yoga, a centuries-old practice, is about mindfulness, balance, strength, conscious breathing, and flexibility. The practice of yoga teaches one to release many things, including tension and destructive thought patterns and to focus on wellness, mindfulness, balance, strength, flexibility and the breath; and yoga can and is practiced by people of all faiths, all walks of life, all social strata.

Hi Kristen. Do you know about self-hypnosis? One of the big misunderstandings that I find wehn working with people to help them to let go of anxiety is the idea that it's necessary to be completely physically relaxed in order to feel better. I find that a cominatiom of using a good self-hypnsosis audio programme - or using a self-hypnosis technique on a daily basis - together with learning ways to let go of the over-thinking that can lead to anxiety can be very effective very quickly. Do send me a message if you need more info.  

Hi Sophie I don't  fully relax most of the time because I am constantly thinking and moving. I guess I have been doing it a long time. I get so tired. I am not working f/t now. On my last two jobs people would ask me "are you alright" I had trouble trying to focus and I worried about it. I am not sure I can work f/t again with this problem eventhough I need medical benefits.



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