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Best Way to Relax

Posted by Marcella S.

I've been knitting for many years and find it the best way to relax after a hectic day at work. There are many beautiful yarns available and great patterns. And when you finish a project, you have a lovely garment to wear or give away as a gift. My favorite local yarn shop is Uncommon Threads on State Street in downtown Los Altos.
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I totally agree with what you are saying. My mother and grandmother used to knit a lot, and I have seen them relax with a pair of knitting needles. I guess it is probably because you are doing something that is rhythmic in nature. And yes, wearing a hand-made sweater feels great!
The most relaxed actors I'd see on a set were the ones that knit. Down time happens a lot on sets, especially for actors, so knitting is a wonderful option to preoccupy someone. Instead of bitting your nails or acting silly.
I admire people who knit but it's not an activity I find particularly suitable for the likes of me, considering that I'm awful when it comes to doing stuff with my hands. I know the point of it isn't entirely to make something gorgeous, and of course, practice makes perfect--but truthfully, knitting has never appealed to me because I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything of import, considering I'm a horrible knitter. I wish there were an equally relaxing activity for people who suck at dexterity.

Nirmala, my husband and I like to play Scrabble after the little guy goes to bed. It's our favourite wind-down-the-night activity.

I do like the idea of knitting; it would keep my hands busy to curb that prime time TV watching snacking! Also, perhaps it's not about perfection, success, or import--it's about relaxing and losing yourself in an activity.

My roomate is a knitter...she always talks about how stress relieving it is. I don't think it is for me, but I admire others that do it. My grandmother knitted and I have some beautiful blanket she made.

My favorite ways to relax are yoga, eating a gorgeous healthy meal, watching a good movie, going for a walk, listening to music...actually the list could go on. I try to relieve stress in everything that I do.


I never learned to knit but I do quilt. I piece the tops on a machine but do the actual quiliting by hand. If I don't have a new quilt in the works then I've always got a vintage one that I'm trying to repair. I've found any kind of hand work to be very relaxing.
I think knitting, quilting, or other hand crafts are very meditative in nature. You have to focus, but once you get going you don't really have to think much about what you're doing.
You are so right! Knitting is fun for me and its even better doing it with a group. Like you I've been knitting for years.
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