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Bad Strategies For Stress Relief

Posted by Lela D.

We all try to relieve stress, either consciously or unconsciously. There are healthy ways to do this, and not so healthy ways. Attitude plays a major role. If you believe that everything in life is supposed to be stress-free, you will actually experience more stress because your expectations are so far out of line with reality. Accept the Buddhists idea that all of life is suffering and you'll be happier. Ironic huh? Stop reminding yourself to relax. That's not relaxing. Once you start to practice relaxation techniques, you will use your new skills almost automatically. Talk is cheap and telling yourself to relax will irritate you almost as much as someone else telling you to relax! Stop trying to avoid your emotions. We have them for a reason, so if you're feeling sad, mad, afraid, feel it. Let it play out because if you don't, it's going to go somewhere. I don't know where, but emotions don't just go away. If you think you can escape stress by taking a vacation, think again. Unless you change your life, it ain't gonna work. Your problems are right back at home where you left them. Exercise is great, but not in and of itself. Remember, we're dealing with physical and emotional stresses, so you have to approach stress relief in a holistic manner. We all know substance abuse will get you nowhere, but unfortunately that's the way so many people handle their problems. Check out all the wonderful tips on this site to learn the healthy path to stress relief.
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What we have to remember is that substance abuse is indicative of a bigger issue.  Any time we do anything to excess it doesn't do us any good.  Look at all the emotional eaters in the world.  Everything in moderation.  The question is why do so many of us not want to address what's causing the stress?  Are we really happier dealing with the path of destruction on the physical, emotional and spiritual arenas of our lives?  Your stress level will increase each and every time you believe you are the only one who can solve a problem.  We're social creatures and we haven't made it this far in the evolutionary process by acting alone.  I know that asking for help can be a stressor for many, but that's a bad habit you have to break.  Once you experience the freedom of asking for help, you enter a whole new world of stress relief.

When we're stressed, happiness sometimes seems hard to attain. However, happiness doesn't need to be something you work for in the future--there are quick ways to experience happiness right now! for relief from stress here are some shortcuts..maintain health,contrll anger,heathy life style habits,happy marrige.


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