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Back Stress??.. Try This Stretch

Posted by Debi P.

You know how tight your neck and back feel after a stressful day? Well, the 'RECLINED TWISTER" stretch will give you immediate relief and possibly ward off future troubles, if done regularly.

To begin, lie on your back with bent knees, feet on the floor. Bring your knees in toward your chest. Keeping your knees bent and together, lower both knees toward the mat on your left side. Hold the knees in place with your left hand and gently twist your torso, head, and neck to the right. Your right arm is extended and the right palm is facing up. Take 5-10 deep, slow breaths with closed eyes. Feel your breath entering and exiting your body. When you feel relaxed, repeat the entire stretch to the opposite side. Repeat up to 3 times per side as often as needed.

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