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Avantgarde Financial Review | Services

Posted May 13 2014 9:58am


Save on IT costs using   Avantgarde  cloud-based software available on a pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow arrangement, and rest easy knowing you are always utilizing the most up-to-date software system.



You must remain up-to-date with the prevailing business pace as well as with your financial accounting system. Avantgarde provides a cloud-based accounting service that arms you with the business intelligence, accessibility, and responsiveness you are looking for – everything accessible online 24/7/365. Moreover, you benefit from cost savings and the competitive edge from not having to train, manage, and continually upgrade your personnel or your software.



·         Cost Savings

Pay as you operate and as you progress in business with an easy, monthly fee-based model. All updates and infrastructure are built in, removing the need for capital expenditures today and in the future.

·         Reliability

We appreciate the value of system flexibility to provide non-stop end-user tasks and we guarantee a 99.99% availability. Accessibility and continuity are attained using a double-sided approach of redundant primary systems supported by the facility to failover to an auxiliary site.

·         Innovation

When you transition to the cloud, you should expect to get more. Our job is to deliver new features to you rapidly and smoothly, and to go beyond your expectations for reliability and performance.

·         Speed

Utilize a full finance and accounting software toolset operational on Day One. This includes an on-boarding service such as data migration and change management which ascertain that your system and users are up and operating immediately.

·         Support Services

Augment only the services you require when you need them. Do you want on-boarding and training services to be operational quickly? Do you need help with your data transition? We have a complete team of operational and technical experts on-call to assist you at anytime.

·         Quick and Easy Set-Up

No need to be stressed out over set-up. Our Customer Care Services and efficient suite let you begin immediately – without having to deal with custom software installations or long implementation schedules.



Avantgarde has the know-how and experience to provide a comprehensive financial system to support your finance/accounting department when you need it. The complete list of services follows distinguishes us from the rest of the competition!



We understand that you may have special systems and interfaces crucial to your company, and we can assist you in interfacing them to the cloud.

·         Retention

We have a long track record of developing custom interfaces to ascertain that you retain the essential tools that matter most to your firm.

·         Maintenance

We will also maintain your interfaces to assure you that they remain up-to-date, as they are prone to change regularly.



We possess a reliable migration methodology to handle complex data migrations from other financial systems, whatever format or age your data may be in.


·         Establish Beginning Balances

We can likewise establish open transactions for your accounts payable or receivable, among other needs.

·         Data Cleansing

Benefit from the chance to cleanse your financial data and transition only pertinent data to the new infrastructure.

·         Data Storage

We will also assist you store your legacy data and design an archive that you can easily access for reference.



We provide a vast source of services to assist your business during urgent times of need and can also take over certain functions on an on-going arrangement.


·         Staff Augmentation

Use our system and accounting professionals during peak periods, to bridge your operations toward growth, or during times of management turnover.

·         Outsource

We can also undertake any business procedure from our office or yours, so you can outsource a particular business task in order to save on costs or limit internal exposure to confidential financial information.



We possess a group of business analysts, financial analysts, accountants, and subject-matter professionals with comprehensive expertise in every essential business process.


·         Audit Readiness

Assisting you always for a potential audit is one of the most crucial, yet often neglected financial services.

·         Audit Support

We can provide answers or help collate data to satisfy auditor inquiries and support your personnel during an audit procedure.

·         Data Extraction

We have dependable approaches for generating meticulous data extracts to evaluate and integrate account balances.

·         Business Process Development

We can also assist you in developing optimal policies and procedures for your firm or maximize present business systems to increase benefits from our financial systems.

·         Business Process Support

We strengthen your organization during the first crucial months during transition, and may even provide further training as your company progresses in the future.



We provide a comprehensive solution for firms that have to handle large volumes of high-value assets where it is vital to monitor asset condition and location.


·         Asset Management

Full, Internet-based asset management system developed to meet domestic and global asset management issues.

·         Integration

Actual time integration that functions smoothly with the procurement, financial management and reporting components of our business management system.

·         Life-Cycle Management

Entire-life-cycle asset management which incorporates acquisition, maintenance (transfer, depreciation, and adjustments), and disposal (reinstatements and retirements).

·         Asset Verification

Bar code and scanning to enable more effective and more precise recording and authentication of assets.

·         Monitoring

Supervising and tracking of commodity assets that are pertinent but may not descend below capitalization limits.

·         Asset Inventory Management

Inventory management that allows property managers to manage, control and record all inventory dealings. Property transaction is a simple recording task, easy to retrieve and fully auditable.



Managing labor time and evaluating project performance can signify the difference between making money or losing it. We provide answers to aid you in supervising labor time and gage project performance.


·         Expense Tracking

Monitor and build up capital expenses to build a single asset. When handling multiple capital expenses functions, you need a system that can create an entire asset.

·         Calculate overhead

Establish your overhead percentage and develop to constantly and routinely apply to your actual labor and material expenses.

·         Bill Generation

Expenses are joined and transferred to the accounts receivable compartment for easy bill generation.

·         Project Costing

Using assigned fields in the accounting line, the project-costing part automatically identifies, captures, and gathers costs pinpointed during payroll or purchase-request procedure.


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