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Apr 18, blends recipe for hair growth and hair growth in general

Posted Apr 18 2010 4:18am

by Deborah Scheers
(Williamstown, NJ, USA)

Hi, I take pain medicine everyday and will have to for the rest of my life (spine injury). My hair used to be great, now it's very far from great. I have a lot of hair, but each strand is very thin, extremely dry and real fine and frizzy.

I've used natural hair products on it for years (WEN cleansing conditioner) to wash, and condition, and deep treat my hair.

I couldn't use regular shampoo anyway because it was like trying to wash my hair with chewed bubble gum.

I take really good care of it but it still looks awful. I just turned 45 and although I have some grey the regular color has gone from strawberry blonde to this mousy brown color.

I feel horrible and avoid going places. I want to try the blends recipe for hair growth that is on this site, I mixed some up but was confused by the measurements and the ingredients.

It says to use 3ml teaspoon of jojoba, do you know what the correct measurement for the jojoba is? Also, it says to use grapeseed oil, but no where in the article does it say that grapeseed oil is good to use for hair growth, I thought it was good to use on greasy skin.

Do you know if this recipe works? Do you know of a recipe that will help with my problems?

Deb Scheers

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