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Any tips on good posture?

Posted by Lara I.

I have been trying to improve my posture for over a year. Nothing seems to work. I am a horrible sloucher. I've tried braces to hold my shoulders back, I've tried strengthening the muscles of my back and shoulders, I've tried special pillows on my desk chair, etc...nothing seems to work...anybody have any tips???
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Tips to improve posture!. 1. Take a break from sitting ever half hour for two minutes or so, to stretch, stand, or walk. 2. Distribute body weight evenly to the front, back, and sides of the feet while standing. While sitting in an office chair, sit up straight and align the ears, shoulders, and hips in one vertical line. Any single position, will be tiring. Avoid unbalanced postures such as crossing legs unevenly while sitting, leaning to one side, hunching the shoulder forward or tilting the head. 3. Wear supportive footwear when standing. Avoid high heeled shoes. 4. Avoid overprotecting posture. It is important to maintain an overall relaxed posture to avoid restricting movements by clenching muscles and adopting an unnatural, stiff posture.
Pilates Ball. Spending eight hours a day folded over a laptop is never good for the posture. A couple of years ago I replaced my desk chair with a Pilates ball and it's made an incredible difference. Not only does it help improved one's posture but it also does an amazing job of helping strengthen the core. Love it!
Here is a Stretch. I learned this stretch a long time ago before I was writing for a living. When I learned it, I thought I would never need it, boy was I wrong. This stretch is great for those of us who are in front of the computer too much. Cross your index and middle fingers on both hands. Bring crossed fingers to the back of your neck and have the tips of the fingers touch in the middle of your neck. Spread your elbows out and tilt your head back. Feel the stretch in your back shoulder blades. Breathe. You can do this stretch sitting or standing -- simply vary sitting or standing throughout the day. I hope this helps.
Might sound like a cliche.... ...but walking while balancing a book on your head has done wonders for my posture. I used to be quite slouchy, but that's changed substantially.

Most things in my experiences as a Yoga Healer is that most physical attributes are a state of mind.  Perhaps if you chose to forget about the slouching, the posture and concentrate on how you look and feel with great posture.  Mindfulness on what is and what can be is all the difference.  Remind yourself that you slouch, is reinforcing the posture you wish to change.

People can suggest all sorts of physical things to temporarily train your body, but in the end its how you see yourself and how you feel in an upright posture that will give you the change you desire.  Sit, stand, lie down, which you prefer and envision your beautiful, you feel great ..... after a few minutes you will instinctively become upright creating your own grand posture.  Try it :) a few minutes a day... see what happens over a week.

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