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An Easy Self Hypnosis Technique

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:38pm 1 Comment

Beach and Sunset84 Self hypnosis is a technique you can use to help you overcome phobias, bad habits and stress.  Self hypnosis techniques are quick and easy to learn and when you do your own hypnosis you are in full control and that is something that you don’t feel you possess when you are stressed, anxious or panicky.

Using auto suggestions is a good start.  Use positive suggestions that are easy to remember. Visualize yourself actually doing or succeeding at this suggestion you are giving yourself.  Don’t be negative and keep them short and to the point as this helps to reinforce them in your mind.

When you are going to try a self hypnosis technique find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted or distracted by outside noises such as phones. You can sit or lie down but my preference is probably a combination of these, in a recliner chair.  Make sure you are warm enough as well.

Close your eyes and visualize your favorite place.
Slowly breathe in and out while telling yourself you are exhalling the anxiety or stress you feel.
Keep breathing slowly in and out while saying the word ‘relax’.
Imagine yourself in your ‘happy place’ walking, or swimming or watching the tide go in and out and as you do this become more relaxed with every step, stroke or lap.
Repeat your positive affirmation now.
Take a few more steps, strokes or laps then repeat it once more.
Come back to where you were to start with in your ‘happy place’ and just rest there feeling the relaxation in your body.
Open your eyes and come back to your normal state.

This is a simple technique but effective so give it a try and attain the goals you always wanted but seemed beyond reach as well as banishing the stress you once felt.  Try adding some relaxation music for a different effect.

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That was a nice and useful information and post about the self hypnosis. Thanks for sharing here. I have learned the self hypnosis and various courses through They helped me to improvement my self confidence and self control through hypnosis.
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