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Accepting Chaos

Posted by Swati S.

Many times, we get so caught up trying to organize our lives and make it run smoothly that we stop enjoying it. I feel that learning to accept chaos is also an important part of reducing stress. And it is not something everyone's good at. Not everything will go according to the way we plan it, and that is okay. Things do get out of control at times and we cope better if we work our way around the chaos. For someone like me, who is a control freak and likes to work in a planned, systematic manner -- accepting chaos has not been easy. But after a long time of being worked up and trying to get everything done to everyone's satisfaction all the time, I realized that maybe the effort wasn't worth it. So now I have started taking things easier -- I still try to do things as best as I can, but if for some reason they don't work out, I live with it instead of getting stressed out. I figure, what's done is done -- so there is no point ruining my health over it. What do you think?
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