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A quick stress reduction technique

Posted Jun 13 2008 4:03pm 3 Comments
Check your stress level on a scale of 1(low)-10 (very high). Also note any tension in any part of your body due to this stress.

Take a breath and press the palms of both hands together with a little pressure. Breathe out and release the hands slowly. If you are in a secluded or private place sit down and close your eyes, if not practice with your eyes open safely.

Connect the tips of all your fingers of each hand with the thumb and release slowly. Repeat several times - each time you do this imagine you are letting go and releasing yourself from all the negative, stressful, and destructive emotions. Let go of anger, frustration, fears, resentment, etc. each time you touch and release fingers.

Now gently connect and hold all finger tips and tip of your thumb of each hand and experience what is remaining and what is there in the present moment externally and internally. Experience this for about five to ten seconds.

Repeat the above exercise four times.

Check your stress level on the scale of 1-10 again. Also review your tension in the body due to the stress.

Note your experience in your mind. This will be a (positive feeling) deposit in your emotional wellness bank account.

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This is a fascinating exercise. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds similar to EFT--where does the technique stem from, and do you know why it's so effective?
Thanks for your interest - try it several times and check your experience.  This technique came to me several months ago out of the blue - maybe because I have been traveling on the road to freedom, peace, and happiness for a long time (yoga, meditation, accupressure, life-coaching, etc.)  It has no connection to EFT but does seem to have some resemblance as many other modalities may.  Several of my clients have found it to be effective because it can be personalized easily and practiced almost anywhere and at anytime. 

that is an interisting exercise. Thanks for the tips i will practice this to myself. I would also like to suggest an alternative way of handling stress that can only be made by sitting and listening through music application pzizz has to offer. just visit us @




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