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A Noisy Environment=Stress Eating for Women

Posted by Mary Ann P.

A study at Pennsylvania State University showed that women who were under stress from a noisy environment ate more. Of course, the types of foods provided were chocolate, chips, popcorn and cheese. I have to wonder if the participants would have selected healthier foods, such as raw veggies, over the others if they had been provided. Strangely men ate the same amount whether they were under similar stressors or under none at all. If you must work someplace noisy consider using an iPod with soothing music. I love anything from The Narada Collection. If that isn't feasible try earplugs. Noise is not only stressful it can damage your hearing in the long term. Paste this link into your browser bar to find out more.
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Maybe the women were eating all that junk food to drown out the noise! Doritos can be pretty loud inside your mouth. I like the idea of the iPod with soothing sounds. You can also get some classical music with nature sounds, so it's like you're listening to Bach out in the woods on a rainy day! Very relaxing!
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