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9 Reasons To Send Holiday Thank You Notes

Posted Jan 15 2013 8:00am

While growing up in my parent’s home my mom was adamant that we kids thanked people for gifts, as in “Thank you notes.” I’m really big on sending thank you’s. I love sending them and receiving them! Mom did a great job of training us up right on this one for sure! Well, at least I learned it!!

Thank you notes are important for any reason, but for this post I’m focusing on the holidays.


There a lots of ways to say thank you.

1. Make a phone call.

2. Email.

3. Text.

4. Facebook DM.

5. Tweet.

6. But, really, this is the way I’m talking about – mail, real paper and envelope and stamp in “snail” mail.

Why? Real mail?

Our tech-savvy world is all interesting, necessary and etc., but standing still, taking real time, effort and thought and truly being grateful is getting lost quickly in our digital age.

Real cards in the mail mean a lot to people. They really stick with us as opposed to a fleeting email or text that is lost in the e-stack of others, read so quickly that, like Teflon, it slides right off our mind, emotions and memory.

Have you sent thank you’s to people for your Christmas gifts yet? Don’t wait until February, do it this month while it’s still fresh in your mind.


1. You are grateful, appreciative and thankful for the gift, gesture, event or whatever, right? Show your gratitude.

2.  We all love to be acknowledged for what they are doing well.

3.  By sending a thank-you note, you show others common courtesy and respect.

4.  A thank-you note lets you say lots of other good stuff too that you might still want to share, a nice completion to Christmas before the new year rolls in and over us too quickly and it’s all forgotten.

5. Because, love is a verb.  A thank you note means that you took your time and attention and “loved” this person and what they did.

6.  Sending a “real” thank you note is a learned skill for most people that is all about social skills, communication skills as well as life, business and relationship skill building. (Teach your kids now!)

7. You will get good back 180 for doing this. What we give, we receive 100 fold in ways that may surprise you.

8. Because it feels so good! And, when we feel good and share love back, we are helping our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

9. It keeps us grounded and human in our fast-paced, distracted, detached world.

Writing thank-you notes shouldn’t be hard, but will take a bit of your time. Find or make the time and love others back with a real thank you today. My mom will be proud!


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