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7 Steps to Holiday Giving: Gain Balance Over Excessive Sympathy for the Less Fortunate

Posted Dec 07 2012 1:00am

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, it is meant to be a time of gladness, great happiness, togetherness, love and joy… abundance, giving and peace.

America is prosperous. The most prosperous nation in the world. No matter where you live in the world, if you have a roof over your head, a job, money in the bank and your health… you are prosperous!

But, not everyone is prosperous of course. There are street people and poverty stricken, hungry and those who meet misfortune and tragedy this time of year and all year round. Children and people from other nations are starving, live in fear, needy and dying.


Because of the strong contrast between Christmas and light and joy and some people’s daily or immediate harsh realities, the hard times are especially poignant during the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you and “them”, whoever “they” are gain balance now and all year round.

1) Make a decision.
Take the time to decide what is true about your ability to contribute humanitarian causes.

2) Choose.
Choose one or more causes each holiday season and give from your ability to give — money and/or time.

3) Reality check.
You cannot save the world during the holidays or anytime in your life, that’s not your job. But, you can make a difference in a very personal and small way somewhere. Make it.

4) Give and let go.
Write your check. Give. Let go. Don’t judge yourself or others for the amount of time or money given. Give and let go.

5) Plan for next year.
Pre-plan for next year. Give monthly to one or two chosen causes and stop the guilt that many people feel during the holidays.

6) Or, jump in!
If you want to really get involved in a charity or cause of any kind, then do!

Bottomline: Don’t get caught in-between feeling guilty about the roof over your head, food on your table, etc. — namely, your abundance and prosperity — and angry because you feel guilty about others’ needs and the onslaught of advertisement for donations.

7) Get off mailing and call lists.
Choose your causes of contributions and get off all other lists. This saves them money and time too!


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