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5 September End-Of-Summer Organizing Tips

Posted Sep 30 2012 2:00am

Even on the last day of September, it’s not too late to dig in and do the end of summer, beginning of autumn tasks to help you before the snow and cold sets in – or whatever change in weather you may have where you life. Why not get moving on your autumn re-organizing and lists: 

1. Make a Yard Checklist and Plan

What needs end-of-summer attention in your yard and garden? Make a list and plan for each activity. 

2. Make a Garden Checklist and Plan

If you have a big garden, a small one, or a container garden the harvest is coming in now or is already in and the rest will be dying off quickly. Make plans to clean up your garden space. 

3. Make a Storage Checklist and Plan

Whether you have a shed, garage or barn, these areas need to be reorganized and cleaned out and this is a great time of the year to do it. 

4. Make a Holiday Checklist and Plan

What? You heard me! Yes, it’s just a few long weeks until the holidays set in. Don’t be surprised again this year! :) Get clear now about what the holidays are going to look like for you and your family. Make doable checklists and plan your time and activities so that you don’t miss out on something or someone you really want to have and make time for this year. 

SUGGESTION: I’ve already put all this information in one place for you.

If you get stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated during the holidays with family, friends, decorating, travel, food, etc., I highly suggest purchasing my ebook – Holiday Stress Be Gone! It has all the ideas, lists and note space necessary to dive right in. You’ll get plenty of my permission to 1) take care of yourself first and 2) to decide and re-decide to enjoy this holiday season your way (while incorporating the desires of others.) 

5. Do it!

Checklists and plans are lovely… but you need to follow your plan and do the doing. Do it alone, ask for help, or hire someone to help you if necessary, but get it done this year to bring peace and harmony to your mind and space. 

My Dr. DeClutter dig-in-and-do-it-apron is waiting by the door just ready for a trip to your house! I travel world-wide you know or just by telephone. Call today to discuss your needs. 303.485.5280 or

I’m here to help you. 



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