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5 Powerful Physical Ways to Relieve Stress Immediately

Posted Aug 07 2009 2:14pm

We read and learn a lot about how to fight stress, but in a moment of actual stress, its rather difficult to talk to yourself or think or reason things out. At such times, the best thing to do is something physical that immediately releases the high voltage electricity flowing through the body - that is called stress.

The following are five natural, primal and ancient methods of stress relief. They simply manipulate the physical and energy body to make the internal organs, the nervous system and the adrenals cool and calm again. In moments of extreme stress they can calm you down significantly and be the difference between success and failure. As part of your daily life they can change the way you live as you start relaxing more, being more creative and enjoying life more intensely.

1) Throw your hands to your head
2) Do the Yoni Mudra
3) Do the Tailbone Press & the Feet Press
4) Tighten and Relax the Perineum Muscle
5) Fast Breathe out through the Mouth

1) Throw your hands to your head

This powerful innate reflex we all were born knowing, is not so much a sign of distress, as it is a natural way to relieve stress. When we are stressed, energy flows up to our head, as a way to empower the brain to make quick decisions. However, if the energy flow is too sudden, or forceful, even if it doesn't cause a headache, it causes us to throw our hands up to balance the energy immediately by caressing or pressing the head.

The next time you're stressed out, don't stop yourself from using this powerful natural primal method to balance energy levels in your body. Allow your hands to feel free to press your head, forehead, face and just breathe forcefully as you do. This will expel the heat that is generated in the brain in moments of stress and in a few seconds you will feel cooler, calmer and able to deal with the situation at hand.

Remember throwing your hands up to your head is not a sign of 'Something is Wrong', but 'Something is going to be set Right'. It is your our survival mechanism.


2) Do the Yoni Mudra

This is a way to stop erratic breathing and conserve energy within the body rather than lose it through the head and face - as happens when we are stressed.

The fingers cover the facial sense organs. Only the fingers over your nose move. They relax so you can breathe in. Then they clamp down over your nostrils as you hold your breath in for as long as you can. Usually, you suddenly feel like you're actually inside your body for the first time in a long while.

Then you release your nostrils and breathe out. When you have breathed out fully, you again close your nostrils and stay that way till you feel you have to breathe in again. And so you go on for a few cycles - as much as you can. I cannot list the benefits of this exercise, there are too many. Try it for yourself - you will immediately feel the benefits. A word of caution - do not push yourself to hold breath in or out for too long. This is meant to help you relax, not challenge you.

For those who cannot do this form of the Yoni mudra, you can try this alternate method. You lie on your front, and turn your head so one ear is to the bed or the ground. You use one arm to cradle your face, and cover the top-most part of your head. With the other you cover your other ear. You breathe slowly and just be with yourself - the rest of the world is cut out for now.

The idea behind both these exercises is for you to come in touch with the part of you that's beyond the senses. An ancient text called the 'Heart Sutra' goes , " No eyes, no ears, no taste..." It speaks of how at the root of our being we are beyond sound, sight, taste etc. We are pure spirit and coming in touch with that part of us immediately helps us de-stress.

3) Do the Tailbone Press & the Feet Press

The Tail Bone Press

There is a point at the bottom of our back bone - its called the Tail Bone point, because if we had tails they would start there. This tail bone point ends up carrying huge amounts of tension - from both the back bone and the nervous system, just because it is at the bottom and is a sort of catch-all point. When we are very stressed out, pressing here, massaging or even just touching, helps the tension get released so we feel better immediately. It is a great help for those who have problems sleeping (just like all the other exercises mentioned on this page). It is also a simple way to relieve stress in babies (to relieve separation anxiety and the like) - you just massage their back gently, pressing the tail bone point just a little.

The Feet Press

Our feet hold energy points that are connected to the rest of our system. Massaging our feet, soaking them in warm water, or even just sitting with our feet in water, is a great aid to stress relief. But these are not always possible, especially if the times we are stressed are in the office or when we have lots of work to do. The thing to do at these times, is slip out of our shoes for a few minutes, and press the soles of our feet together. You press your feet together, and then clench them turning your toes in as far as possible. You keep them that way for a while, then relax them and clench again. You'll be amazed at how clear headed you feel after doing the feet press. Try it right now and see how you feel. (By the way, this is also a great way to exercise your legs and lower body in general - to keep toned, fight varicose veins, fluid retention and muscle atrophy).

4) Tighten and Relax the Perineum Muscle

The Perineum is the lower-most part of the torso. If the crown of our head is the upper-most point, this point is its opposite and complement. That's why it is as important and vital. The Perineum in women lies between the vaginal opening and anus, for men between the penis and the anus. It is that muscle that connects the legs. Now, being a muscle, it is elastic to an extent, connected to the blood supply and nervous system and this makes it a powerful lever with which the entire body's muscle, circulation and nervous network can be accessed.

To relieve stress immediately, we need to either press the perinuem, or clench and relax, or pull it up. As babies we did it every time we cried, it is still what happens when we tighten up emotionally and then release our tears or passions. It is one of our most emotional physical points in a sense.

The thing about the perineum muscle clenching exercise - however you like to do it - is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and it will immediately release stress so your face suddenly looks better, your head clears up, and you can breathe normally again. You can do it sitting in an office reception waiting for your job interview, on the train, in a bus, in a restaurant, or in bed if you're having trouble sleeping or enjoying sex. Anytime you need a sudden rush of energy, just clench your perineum muscle for as long as you can and then release. Or just pump it up and down, sending energy through your body. You will feel the effect in your face, head, hair, and then the rest of the body as well.

5) Fast Breathe out through the Mouth

This one is for the worst stressful moments. You don't think, you don't talk. You just throw air out from your mouth. As you do, your nose immediately breathes in more air, and you just throw it out again. Its like you go 'whoo' whoo' whoo whoo whoo straight from your tummy out through your mouth. In a few seconds your body temperature will fall back to normal as the hot air inside is expelled, your heart rate will slow down automatically, and your lungs will demand deep breath. This is what we want - deep breath, as this is what relieves stress. Once you start deep breathing just keep going. If you feel stressed out again, start throwing air out through your mouth again. Then start breathing deep again.

I hope you found this information helpful. You can use it to help yourself and those around you - especially children with whom the greatest stress relief method is simply loving human touch. Massaging their back, their feet and breathing with them - first fast and then slow and deep relieves stress almost immediately - as long as you are holding them and they trust your touch.

If you need more help with chronic stress, managing shock, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, please click here to have me make a prescription energy treatment for your energy field. This medicine is non-chemical though it carries the energy field of various herbs and flowers. It balances and corrects energy in the energy field so that the body and psyche is able to handle the ups and downs of life in the human body, the extremes of our emotions and adjust to either seamlessly - as nature intended.

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