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10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your House!

Posted Mar 03 2014 8:00am

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Does your house know that you love it?

When I’m working with a client to help them declutter and get organized I say lots of things to help them shift their beliefs and habits of holding onto past stuff and things, including this:

So, I’ll ask you. Look around. Do you? Does it?

Too many people live in homes that should be their love and joy, their retreat from the world “out there,” and a place to relax, call “home” and even show off once in a while. But, they don’t.

Many people live in homes that are cluttered, tired, worn, piled and stacked with indecision and inaction. They are far from in love with their space and “things” and sometimes really hate it. (Partly why I call my organizing workshop, “Burn Your House Down!”)

And, that’s sad.

So, I’m going to offer you some ways to fall back in love with your dwelling. Ready? Let’s go.

 10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your House!

writing - in binder

1. Take a notebook and pen and go into each room of your home. Stand and look at each room separately and write down what needs to go, stay and happen to get it rearranged, decluttered and reorganized to make you happy. Write down how you really want to use each room and how, if it were really how you want it, it would look and feel when at that future place.

2. Choose a room and start to declutter – one room at a time. Schedule the time to do the doing – it will always take longer than you think. Move out what is old and unused, declutter the past, and make the room refreshed.

3. Only keep or have in a room/area what is necessary, functional and what you enjoy.

4. You may need to redecorate too to bring the room back up to happiness and to update its “look”: paint, wall paper, recarpet, etc. to refresh it.

cleaning - spray bottles and gloves

5. Maybe there are areas that just need a good cleaning. Do it! Clean windows, polished wood, vacuumed carpets and shiny floors make a house look so much better, and can make you feel better too.

6. Ask for help. Whether you have family or friends come over to help (have a party!), or hire an organizer like me, make it part of your plan so that it goes faster and easier and you get it done. Get past any embarrassment, just do it!

7. Use the 80/20 Rule. Don’t plan on loving 100% of your home, no one does. If you can love 80% of your home and just not struggle with the 20% that isn’t awesome, you’ll be living in heaven!

Why? Because, there’s not 100% about anything or anyone that is perfect 100% of the time. 80% is great.

8. Love your home more easily by having less to deal with and maintain. 90% of life is maintenance. So, the less you have to deal with and keep “happy”, keeping it organized, fresh, in working order, etc., the more time, energy and space you have to put towards what you really want to be, do and have while enjoying your home.

9. Enjoy your home more often with others, even when it’s not perfectly finished, clean or decluttered. No one cares, but they do care about you. Life’s very short. Share your home with others so that you can enjoy them. That’s what’s important.

10. Stop, be grateful and tell your house you love it. Create one area, room, corner or space in your house where you really love to sit and can relax into your dwelling. Make a little cove where you do feel loved in your home always. De-stress there and create more spaces like it until your whole house is a love nest!… loving you back. Remember to be very grateful for a roof, walls and floor; heat, a/c and water; appliances, beds and closets – with all that stuff in them. I tell my apartment that I love it often, out loud. It always loves me back.

Give your lovely home – apartment, trailer, house boat, cabin, loft, studio, tent, camper, RV, McMansion or castle – allll your love so that it can love you back every day.


What if you feel that even if it were, or is, completely organized you’d still not “in love with it?” Then, two options:

moving - org - car and trailor loaded

a) move into a house that is better for you, or

b) move your mind into a place of acceptance and stop struggling with what is.


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