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10 Most Common Money Mistakes in Divorce by Expert, Carol Ann Wilson

Posted Jul 14 2009 10:37pm


“Take this marriage thing seriously -
it has to last all the way to the divorce.”

~ Roseanne Barr

Did you know that statistics show there are 1.2 million divorces in the U.S. every year? That means that every year, another 2.4 million people go through divorce. That doesn’t include the children, pets, in- an out-laws and all others affected emotionally and sometimes financially.

If the average cost of divorce is $20,000 per couple that means that Americans are spending $42 billion (yes, that’s billion) on divorces each year! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Stop losing your money, your mind and your mojo over personality and other “differences” gone south.

 If you have questions about your divorce, or need a “Divorce Survival Kit: How to Survive Your Divorce Financially” to help you through one, I want to introduce you to Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Carol Ann Wilson,  professionally trained as a Collaborative Divorce Specialist and a Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner. She is a nationally recognized expert in divorce financial planning and have been quoted in hundreds of articles throughout the country. In addition, she works as a pre-divorce financial analyst/consultant through her consulting company, and is an expert witness in court.

She has a deep passion to help people, men and women, financially survive their divorce. We have all seen it happen, time and time again, after divorce, one spouse or another (sometimes both!) struggle to stay afloat. It is just not necessary.

See Carol Ann’s Bookstore and get Carol Ann’s 10 Most Common Money Mistakes in Divorce.

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