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Ways to Have a Stress Break

Posted by peach224

I don't know if you all have seen them, but various stores sell moving lighted pictures.  Some are of waterfalls, some are of the beach, etc. I have one at home and one at work.  When I need a grown up "time out", I stop what I am doing, take deep breaths to relax and totally focus on that picture.  My picture at work is of the beach, and it has sound.  I turn up the sound of the ocean waves and focus on the movement of the water.  I just take a couple of moments to concentrate on something other than what was frustrating me or stressing me out and it helps. 


I just have to remember to do it every time, not just sometimes!


Hope this helps.



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Amy Facebook

That is a really good Idea Jenn... Now I must go Shopping.  Something that helps me is and yes I know at my age.  Play a video game!  Or I sing really loud, or dance around like no one is watching.  But I like the idea of the moving pictures.  Thanks Jenn!! 


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