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what do you do to get a great work out ?

Posted by mr.

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Ive been training now for a year and a half. For me to get a great work out i gotta keep my meal plan right (6 times a day), proper rest, and perferably have a work out partner. Especially in the beginning watching your partners form to assure you have the technique right and for that extra motivational boost. Most importantly when you go to the gym go to work out, and always listen to your body.

Ey there. I'm a newbie in Bodybuilding. I've been working out for like 7 weeks now. For me to get a great workout means to be able to do the following: eat a light meal before going to the gym, Working out in the gym not more than 2 hours. Also to get a great workout for me means you were able to maximize strength and energy.


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