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Eating Whole Eggs or JUST Egg Whites only?

Posted Nov 21 2008 9:08pm
This has been probably one of the most controversial issues in the Fitness World. And it all boils down to whether you eat the Whole Egg or just the Egg white. As for the whole egg, it's all about the Yolk. Which actually has 210mg of cholesterol. So what? Well as we all know cholesterol when increased, could block arteries to the heart which cause common heart attacks and maybe other cardiovascular diseases. But wait, there are 2 types of cholesterol right? The good which is HDL and the bad which LDL. Before we go any further, lets try to define some terms here.

High-density lipoproteins (HDL) "good cholesterol" - It carries the cholesterol from the arteries back to the liver.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) "bad cholestrol" - It carris the cholesterol through the blood streams from the liver to peripheral tissues. It also carries fat to the arteries which eventually blocks blood from flowing.

So maybe the question in mind is... which of the 2 do we really need? Atually the answer is
BOTH. However, it is advised to take at least only 2 whole eggs a week. Why? The LDL or bad cholesterol resides on the Yolk. The HDL or good cholesterol resides on the white. Too much intake of the yolk may trigger some heart illnesses. Though HDL is suppose to free us from LDL,
it unfortunately cannot handle the large amount if taken daily assuming a whole egg is consumed. As for weight lifters who need Protein Intake, a good practice wood be 1 whole egg and a couple of egg whites. But of course it is always better to seek a physicians advice just to be safe.

People who are in the weight gain program I believe have Eggs in their Diet list. That's because of it's high Protein content. As we all know, protein is the one responsible for building our mucles.
Others get it from milk, fish, beef & white meat (chicken breast/ thigh).

In my second month of training, I'm now going to increase my Protein intake. And Eggs are definitely in my list. Limiting the yolks and increasing the whites of course. I'm also going to start having oat meal which is rich in fiber. Just to flush all those stuff we really don't need in the body.

I was actually given a meal plan. Thanks to the very supportive people of You may want to check it out and see if it would apply to your eating habbits.

Here's the link:
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