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Yay, more strength training!

Posted by Nicole P.

I was finally able to get in SEVEN strength training sessions this month! There is a gym at my job. So, I would try out weight lifting and swim laps afterwards. I noticed that the swimming help me get more excited about the weights, and I didn't feel so sore the next day. Eventually, I liked the routine and enjoyed the progress I've had so far.

Another challenge was doing strength workouts while traveling for business. I was able to solve that with some magazine articles that had some good strength workouts in your hotel room and by using some benches at a local park. It comprised of lunges, leg lifts, and other weight-bearing techniques, and the workouts didn't require any dumbells which is good when you're out of town. It was nice to explore a new city while taking in a workout at a nice park at the same time.

In addition to the gym at my work and some easy impromptu travel workouts for outdoors or indoors, I have an exercise ball and a set of dumbells at home. I haven't really used them, but I have them handy if I'm in a pinch.

Having lots of options has definately made this month more fun. With the holidays coming up, it will be nice to wear those cuite strapless dresses without having to worry about flabby arm jiggles.

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That's dedication... working out when your out of town. That is probably one of the most difficult things for people to do (I know I slack off). Using the holidays as motivation is also good. One of my girlfriends was trying to lose weight before graduation, so she bought two new outfits there were a few sizes smaller. This was her motivation to lose the weight and it worked! She hung the two tops on the back of her bedroom door so she would see them everyday.
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