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what type of diet and gym workout is best to lose weight and lower blood pressure after quitting smoking?

Posted by Dean

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No one should be embarrassed about wanting to get into better shape. You can shed those pounds with proven programs like the

Debbie covered every point I intented to mention -- to add to her post, make a plan, write down your goals and make sure they are attainable goals - none of this loosing 20 lbs in two weeks thing but more long term goals..just exercising and eating healthy to be healthier - the results will come in time and will last longer.  Focus on health and vitality not on weightloss as much and you will find that it will be easier to stick with a program that suits your life, your schedule. If you're not a morning person then don't try to exercise in the morning because it wont last...etc.  


good luck with everything and congrats on leaving the ashes and butts behind :-) 

I agree with Debbie, but, for more information and details, you may want to look at the DASH(Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, an evidence-based eating plan tested by the Nat'l Institutes of Health.  Here's a link:

 The highlights of this plan include lowering sodium, eating healthy fats, increasing calcium, potassium and fiber through healthy food choices. There are different calorie levels, so you can adjust based on your exercise level.  Good luck!

Hi Dean,

For lasting weight loss it needs to become a lifestyle; something you can live with.  The bottom line is you have to decrease calories and increase exercise. 

Walking  is a great exercise since it can be done anywhere and with no extra equipment.  If you belong to a gym, there are aerobic exercise classes and stationary bikes that will help you burn calories.  You need to use them for at least 30 minutes 3-5  times a week though.  You don't have to start very fast.  Just gradually work up your speed.  Strength training will help to increase your metabolism. 

There are many types of diets that will help you decrease calories but it's best to eat a variety of foods and especially increase fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.  Small, frequent servings of food may help curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating at one sitting.

The weight loss and exercise should help to decrease your blood pressure readings in time.  I congratulate you on quitting smoking.  That will help your overall health and ability to breathe.  Good luck with your program.

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