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What is Your Cut-Off Temperate?

Posted Dec 16 2010 9:19pm
A couple of days ago BDD and me got into a Twitter debate over when you should cancel the outdoor ride and move your rig to the trainer.  He said 33 degrees and my new cutoff temp is 38 degrees (after such a ride on Sunday).  This is sort of like the Boxers vs Briefs or Taste Great vs Less Filling debates - not really a right or wrong everyone has their own level of comfort with cold.  Well, this is what I used to think until I found this handy little chart that tells you what is the appropriate riding temps and it even goes a step further and takes into account wind!  Enjoy
(CLICK IMAGE to Expand)

So what is your cut-off temperatures? (For the record, I was in Jens Factor 4 on Sunday - not pleasant).

Thanks for Reading,


Ps - I have no idea what "Jens Factor" is supposed to mean - probably someone names Jen came up with this  ? IDK?
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