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What exercises can I do to firm up my lower body?

Posted by Karen B.

I have saddlebag thighs and am flabby especially in my lower body. I need some ideas that will help me get results quickly to keep me motivated.
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Karen, firming up your lower body requires a couple of things: first you have to add muscle and second, you need to lose body fat. This is really what people are talking about when they discuss "toning and firming."

Unfortunately, like so many things around wellness and fitness, there are no short-cuts here or quick results. There is PROGRESS, but that is measure in weeks, not days.

Rather than get into all of this here, I'm giving you a link to an article I just wrote on "toning and firming." I think this will all make more sense after you read it:

Why Workout Routines for Toning Fail

The good news is that if you watch the kinds of foods you eat AND start doing regular weight training with some cardio mixed in, you can start to see results within a few weeks. I would recommend taking some before pictures of yourself, which will let you see the progress much more readily.

You'll probably be very surprised within a month of how much progress you've actually made when you look back at your "before" photo. Photos also have a way of breaking through some of the self-perceptions we have when we look in the mirror. This can help keep you motivated as you move forward.

Best of luck in your goals ...


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