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What are the benefits?

Posted by Lela D.

Aside from appearance and an increased ability to burn calories, what are the other benefits of weight training? Seems like there must be something more than looking good and being able to eat more. What are the other health benefits?
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Helps the Bones. I know weight training is good for the bones.
Weight Loss. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition assessed the effects of weight training and weight loss in a group of overweight women. A group of women aged 25-44 were assigned to either a two-year programme of weight training or a ?control? group who received a leaflet that encouraged them to do aerobic exercise. Those in the weight training group did two hour-long weight training sessions a week for the first year, after which the session time was cut to 45 minutes. All participants were instructed not to make any dietary changes. By the end of the 2-year programme, there was a statistically significant difference in body fat percentage. The control groups? body fat was essentially unchanged, while the resistance exercisers saw an average reduction in body fat of about 3.5 per cent. The exercising group fared better in terms of abdominal fat as well.
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