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What and how much can i eat if i weight train hard for an hour and a half a day?

Posted by David J.

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A lot. If you want to gain weight (muscle) you should be eating small meals throughout the day whenever you're hungry. Avoid large meals, but instead have many small meals, primarily salad, fruit, and lean white meats. Make sure it's healthy though or else you'll be gaining all the wrong weight. You should be eating about 2250 calories a day, in which all of it is healthy. Don't eat directly before you workout or after. Your muscles should be focused on your muscles at this time instead of breaking down food.
Five or Six Meals a day!. The more meals the better. I like a small balanced snack with fresh fruit when I first wake up. This jump starts my metabolism and actually starts your body to burn fat. An hour later I like to have a small breakfast. Depending on when I workout, a small snack balanced snack with fresh fruit before workout and a balanced snack with fresh fruit after. I have a medium sized balanced lunch and dinner with fresh vegetables, then a balanced snack with fresh fruit before I go to sleep. Other than snack bars, i eat no deserts, as in ice cream, cake etc. I have been steadily losing a pound a month since I started this regime a year and a half ago.
Carbs and protein before and after your workouts. Studies are showing that if you eat some carbohydrate with protein one hour before your workouts and then within ½ hour after your workout you can help your muscles grow. A good pre-workout meal can be a banana with yogurt and a good post workout meal can be a turkey sandwich with 3oz of meat and 2 slices of whole wheat bread. Also how much calories you need depends on your total energy expenditures. However, if you want to build you must eat more calories than you are burning. Know that not only protein help you build muscle but also eating carbohydrates is important for muscle growth.
Eating Post-Workout. it is crucial to have a quickly-digestible protein meal (something like whey protein) as soon as you can after you work out... any nutritionist or personal trainer will tell you that in order to help your muscles start their rebuilding process faster (or better, or something :) you need a post workout meal
Eat the proteins and carbs your body needs to help rebuild and rejuvenate after a rigorous workout, but maker sure you eat in moderation.

What are your goals? If you're trying to lose weight, you should eat a bit less. If you're trying to gain muscle, you should eat more. In any case, focus on protein, to build muscle, and remember that carbs fuels your workouts so you can lift heavier. Don't forget that a well-balance diet is important - fiber, vitamins, etc.

You may want to find a good calculator like the ones on exrx to determine your calorie needs based on your Basal Metabolism and activity levels... I'll post a link on the "resources" page.

I would say that you should eat until you are full. If you feel hungry...keep eating. The key for everyone, whether they work out for an hour and a half or 15 minutes, is to cut down on carbohydrates.

Carbs make you gain weight, and will keep you craving more food than you need. If you eat nuts, seeds, veggies, fruit, and meat if you are a meat eater, you will find that you are in tuned with how much your body needs. It is when you fill up on carbs that your body gets confused and overeats. This is because your blood sugars go out of balance.

Let me add the missing link here.

One has to do the math to answer your question. Tossing out random dietary advice without knowing your percentage of body fat, your age, your height, your goals, and your activity level is merely guesswork.

You can of course see how the OP is formed in such a way that I could say eat nothing and eat everything and both answers would be valid. Are you looking to maintain weight? Lose fat? Gain weight? There's just not enough information to say anything more than "eat whatever you want".

I have to agree with Gordon. There is no right answer here, it all depends on you: body fat, weight, age, etc. If you are trying to gain muscle then calories are going to be much higher than if you are trying to lose weight. SO again, the question goes unanswer. For me personally, i train 4 times a week, have a goal of gaining muscle, weigth 111lbs and am 24. but because i train so hard my metabolism goes faster than most girls my slze so i end up with around 2000 calories per day. its all a big math problem
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