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Weightless Workout Part 1

Posted by Jeff W.

Many people are duped into thinking they can only get a good workout by joining a gym, this is inaccurate. You can get a top notch workout in little time with no equipment. These are some of the exercises I perform when I'm away from my personal equipment, and sometimes I feel like I get a better workout in these sessions:

Pushups - you can do these in so many varieties that you'll never get bored, but it's best to start out with the basics; lie stomach down on the floor, put your hands flat on the floor on either side of your chest. Keep your feet together, toes on the floor - hold your back straight and as the name implies - push up. Repeat this simple process until you can do no more. When finished move directly on to the next exercise with minimal time in between.

Squats - stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands at your sides or crossed in front of your chest. Lower yourself down as you raise up onto the balls of your feet, this will help you keep your balance. Go down until your rear-end is close to your heels, then explode upward. Repeat until you can do no more. Move quickly to add an aerobic element to this exercise. Procede on to the next exercise with minimal rest in between.

Chair dips - sit normally on a sturdy chair, grab, with both hands, the part of the seat right next to your legs on either side. Scoot your butt forward until it's off of the chair and you're supporting yourself on your hands. Keep your legs straight out in front of you on the floor(or on another sturdy chair in front of you for more range of motion) and lower yourself toward the floor slowly. Once you reach full extension push yourself back up until your arms are close to, but not fully, in locked position. As before, repeat until failure then move on with little rest to the next exercise.

Chair pull ups - you'll need two good chairs and a sturdy broomstick(or something similar) for this one. Put the chairs just wider than shoulder width apart and lay your broomstick across the seats. Lie down on your back on the floor so your chest is directly beneath the broomstick. Grasp the broom with both hands at about shoulder width apart, keep your feet on the ground and pull your upper body up until your chest meets the broom, only your heels should remain on the ground, keep a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Slowly lower yourself down to the floor and repeat.

Once you've completed your chair pull ups, you can take a moment to catch your breath and then go right back to the beginning with pushups. Repeat the entire circuit as many times as you choose (three or four would be a decent workout if you perform to failure on every set of every exercise), or you can run the circuit as many times as you can in an hour or half hour for a time restricted workout.

As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness venture!

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Hi guys

I used to play Football at a very serious levelwhen I was at school and this meant I speant alot of time in the gym lifting. Since I dont play anymore I no longer spend anytime in the gym as I dont need the bulk that I once needed for football. However, now that a few years have passed I feel I want to get back into a good workout routine and put on muscle again. I dont want to go back into my old routine of lifting ridiculously heavy weights but I still want to put on lean muscle and have an athletic body. Coming into summer I also want to take advantage of the great days and try do the majority of my workouts in an outdoor setting.

Ive been researching exercises and programs that I could use instead of conventional weight training and these guys. I found these guys   have a range of products that seem to match what I am looking to achieve. There is one particular program called Turbulance training. I have done some research on it, but was hoping you could shed some more light on the subject or even point me in the right direction.



I checked out the site Nathan - some very interesting stuff. Thanks for the tip, I'm always looking to learn more, see other people styles and grow as a trainer

Rhadi Fergusen has some great body weight workout stuff.

I use weightless workouts for home sessions or fat burning myself.

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