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Week Two, Day Two: 45 min cycle + 30 min run

Posted Dec 22 2009 7:25pm
Being that this is my second week of the 1/2 Ironman training program I have a little idea of what to expect. And last week I felt like Tuesdays were going to be the most challenging days for me, well today confirmed that suspicion ....

When I say challenging I mean physically challenging. Here is my reasoning: Sunday is usually a long bike day, Monday starts of with a run workout and finished with a swim workout. Then comes Tuesday which is usually a shorter run day followed by at least an hour bike. So today when I woke up and my legs felt a little stiff I thought to myself that it must be Tuesday!

This morning I got on my trainer and watched FoxNews. My workout called for 1 hour but due to an early work start and me losing track of time on email and sales data. I had to cut it to 45 minutes. I was very antsy today and the 45 minutes felt like it last forever. Maybe it was because FoxNews has a clock on the corner of the picture and I could see it the entire time. At any rate, I got the time in and logged a good workout. I jumped in the shower and as I was eating breakfast and hustling out the door I noticed my legs were feeling beat down. Not good knowing I had an evening run scheduled.

After driving about 180 miles throughout the day I made it home and Annie was right behind me. My scheduled called for a 30 minute run in the RPE 2-3 range. Even though I was feeling tired after about a mile I started to feel pretty good. The first mile I did in 9:30. As I heard the mile beep on my Garmin I decided to pick it up a little. My second mile was done in 7:40. At about 2.5 miles I started to feel a warm spot on my left heal and slowed down. I remembered that was the same spot I had that nasty blister from the 50k and it isn't healed up yet! I was just wearing thin liner socks since it was a short run day and decided it was probably a good idea to not rip that heal up anymore than it already is. My total mileage was 3:35 in 30 minutes.

So I guess this Tuesday wasn't so bad. My legs feel better after the workouts than before!

Tomorrow is a 30 minute swim which I am going to do in the evening to give myself a full day to recover.

Thanks for Reading,

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