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Week Two, Day One: 40min Swim + 40min Run

Posted Dec 21 2009 7:35pm
With the start of Week 2 of my Tri training upon me a big question was going to be answered ... Are my legs recovered enough to run?
Well, the question was going to have to be answered later in the day because I was too tired to get out of bed at 5am. For some reason I could not fall asleep last night and ended up finally dozing off around 2am. So I ended up sleeping in to 6:30 and that extra time was really needed!

After work and a haircut I made my way to the gym and decided to swim first and run second. Yes, I did a swim - run brick! First off I got in the pool and they must have fixed the heater because it was no longer cold. I was very excited about this! I did an easy 200 meters to warm up and then another 200 meters doing the drills from the Swimming DVD. Then I did 4 x100 sprints at a pretty hard pace. In between each 100 I would rest for 45 seconds. I finished off the swim with another 200 meters of drills and then an easy 200 meters to cool down. Good swim. I can feel the drills are really helping with my form. However, I am still slow!

After the swim I showered off and changed into my running gear and headed for the treadmill. I did some light stretching and started off at about a 10min/mile pace. At this point my legs were feeling really good and after a mile I cranked the speed up and ran at a harder pace. I ended up doing 4.8 miles in 40 minutes. That is an 8:33 min/mile pace and more importantly my legs felt great and I have no more stiffness or pain. Yeah me! After I finished on the treadmill I did a few laps on the indoor track (I am using the term "indoor track" rather liberally because it takes 13 laps to complete a mile!) and ran at a hard pace and did some longer strides to see how the legs would do and everything still felt great! I am pretty confident now that my legs are fully recovered and I can resume my running without fear of injury. Good Day!

Tomorrow morning I have an hour ride scheduled on the trainer and then after work Annie and I are going to go for a run in the neighborhood. The run is supposed to be for 30 minutes but if I am feeling good then I might go a little longer - I'm afraid of losing all the running endurance I have gained over the last few months. With my next race being a 1/2 Mary in Feb I need to keep the weekly miles higher than what my training plan calls for.

Thanks for Reading,


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