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Week Six, Day One: 45 Minute Swim + 45 Minute Bike

Posted Jan 18 2010 8:35pm
Here is a recap of Week 5:

Planned Training:
Swim - 2 hrs
Bike - 3 hrs 30 mins
Run - 2 hrs
Total Planned - 7 hrs 30 mins

Actual Training:
Swim - 2 hrs 5 mins (5000 Meters)
Bike - 3 hrs 38 mins (62.40 Miles)
Run -  2 hrs 3 mins (13.59 Miles)
Total Actual - 7 hrs 46 mins

Once again not a bas training week.  I was able to stick to the plan and get in all of my scheduled workouts. 

Today I did an early 45 minute/2000M swim.  My swim felt great on Friday and I thought I had a legitimate break through.  Well, today it just did not carry over.  I labored for the entire 2000 M - wu 5x50/2x750/cd 1x250.  But I was able to still get in the volume and will be better for it.

While watching Jack Bauer this evening I jumped on the QR and the indoor trainer for 45 minutes. ***24 Spoiler Upcoming - skip paragraph if haven't seen yet **** So far I am not feeling this season of 24.  Jack is awesome but the new CTU director, Freddie Prinze, and Renee Walker are all annoying me and the story line with the blonde CTU chick is just awful.  And then they bring in Russian arm dealers AND want us to believe Renee Walker was under cover six years ago with these Russian Arm Dealers .... seriously?  She looks more like a crazy ex-girlfriend than a crazy, rouge former FBI agent..  I am done. Back to regular scheduled programming ...

I gave this ride a pretty hard effort and really got the heart rate going.  Not sure what it was going to because I forgot my HR strap but I was working hard.  I really enjoy riding my trainer, but am going to try and get an outdoor ride in this weekend!  Our weather has turned and the last two days have been in the low 60's and this weekend is supposed to be in the low 70's so I am excited to bike and run outside.

Tomorrow is a 30 minute run and another 1 hour bike and the MA special election.  Very excited to see the results of this sucker.  Hopefully, the MA voters will voice the anger of the nation and vote for Scott Brown!

Thanks for Reading,

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